MLGC Nazguls

Founded 26 Oct 2020

  • 8 Win
  • 3 Loses
  • 0 Tie

About the team

A rising star born and bred within MLGC eSport. This team works hard and puts in many hours to take on the tough competition out there. These guys will become a force to be reckoned with!

    • Br4nn@s
      Position 3

      Jacques Otto

      Br4nn@s Profile
    • Kal El
      Position 5

      Simon Jansen

      Kal El Profile
    • Zergling
      Position 1

      Joshua Van Zutphen

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    • Cuddles
      Position 2

      Caleb Van Zutphen

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    • AlphaWolfRSA
      Position 4

      Ekhard Van der Westhuizen

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