MLGC Exordium

Founded 26 Oct 2020

  • 9 Win
  • 3 Loses
  • 0 Tie

About the team

A solid Dota 2 team that used to be known as Casual gaming before MLGC eSport took an interest in them during the Legends League in November 2020. Now they play proudly for MLGC eSport known as MLGC Exordium!

    • [D]emon's.pAiN
      Position 1

      Tiaan Botha

      [D]emon's.pAiN Profile
    • FluffyMuffin
      Position 2

      Carl Ranger

      FluffyMuffin Profile
    • Dr Whiskey
      Position 4

      Chrisjan Du Toit

      Dr Whiskey Profile
    • Westron
      Position 3

      Wesley Field

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    • Shapeshifter
      Position 5

      Arno Scult

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