An amazing month of MLGC Rocket League!

Posted by sfaulcon March 26, 2021 in News

It has been one incredible month of rocket league for MLGC eSport. From a new team joining the community, to many ups and downs over the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, let us welcome a veteran team into the community, MLGC Atomic! Previously known as TSG Atomic before they moved over the MLGC eSports. They have been together for 2 years already, claiming achievements left, right and centre. With their eyes dead set on the international scene to prove themselves amongst the best in the world. But first they are going to show us why it was a good idea to bring them on board, but asserting their dominance on the local scene!

All 5 of our Rocket League teams have been participating in the VS Gaming League Rocket League Championship. Although VS recently revived this prestigious competition meaning that each team that signed up will need to go through the first leg during the month of March first. What this means is that depending on the amount of teams, they will be split into pools. They will play a series of matches until the end of the first leg before they get split up into their different skill tiers, to allow more of a fair advantage for your lower tier teams which have just entered the SA competitive scene.

Our teams have had some losses and some wins, but MLGC Atomic has been dominating their pool! But they still have 2 matches left so anything is possible… Will they be able to continue their winning streak?

MLGC Bambies has completely surprised us by their accomplishments this month, by competing against some top teams and giving it all they got, even if they lose, they still fight on to leave their mark on these players. MLGC Bambies is also currently sitting in the same pool as MLGC Atomic, and they go head to head next week in their match. MLGC Bambies are both excited as ready to learn and give it their best efforts.

MLGC Tyrants and MLGC Enigma are both competing in the same pool, MLGC Tyrants have been keeping it pretty even sitting in the middle of the table. MLGC Tyrants have been displaying some amazing rocket league against teams they have never even heard of… But also showing off their skills against the newer players on the scene. Whilst MLGC Enigma have had a tough run this month, but this is due to unseen circumstances leading to a player having to leave. With Sfaulcon stepping in as a sub for MLGC Enigma. The team has not had the optimal time to put in practice to get their synergy up unfortunately, but the team has the fighting spirit that they need to keep on trying, to work hard.

MLGC Goats has had a very hard pool, with teams along the likes of Pirates ExDee which have some of the best players in South Africa. But they have not backed down from any single challenge at all, they take on these big names with full force and even secured some beautiful wins during the month too.

Results from the month:

MLGC Atomic770100%
MLGC Goats74354.54%
MLGC Tyrants75246.15%
MLGC Enigma73442.85%
MLGC Bambies62433.33%

We still have a couple more matches that need to be completed by each team before we can officially say MLGC has completed their first leg with VS Gaming. We are very excited to see which of our teams make Premiere Division.

Upcoming Fixtures:

MLGC Atomic vs MLGC Bambies
MLGC Atomic vs AGC Nytro
MLGC Goats vs ExPenguins
MLGC Goats vs ExStylers
MLGC Tyrants vs MLGC Enigma
MLGC Tyrants vs LLE Lost Legion
MLGC Enigma vs PHSPhantoms
MLGC Bambies vs Honey BADgers

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for these teams!!