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South African Fivem Server
South African Fivem Server

GTA V Roleplay

1 Massive Island. Unlimited experiences. No nonsense.
A private South African FiveM RP server, handcrafted for those who understand and respect proper roleplay. 
Application Status: OPEN
You need a legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto V to play
MLGC Prime
Just a note: a player by the name of mattty/hyper-yoda broke some of our rules and was ejected from the community. He's decided that his response is going to be slander against our community.

I want to make it very clear that we remove players from our community only when they are in violation of our rules. These rules are clearly set out in the onboarding process.

We take no further action. We don't talk to other server owners about them. We simply forget them and move on.

But this time it's different. This particular chap wants to make some noise. So, any server owners who want the full story of mattty/hyper-yoda, please contact me directly at Reubenite#1999.


Multi-Character with vMenu

Our server allows you to have an unlimited amount of characters by using vMenu to create them. We keep track of each character's identity, licenses, criminal/medical records and vehicles in our custom written CAD/MDT system.


May 26, 2020 - Reubenite
  • South African Fivem Server

    Been here a couple of days, The community is nice, and very patient as I'm still getting to grips with play on an SA server. RP is top notch, and authentic to say the least. I'll be having a lot of fun here.

    Light Clarke
    South African Fivem Server

    MLGC is best when comunity is key and all round the roleplay is the best.

    South African Fivem Server

    MLG is the best server, has great Admins and Excellent Support staff, Definetely worth your time

  • South African Fivem Server

    MLGC is an amazing RP server, very friendly community coupled with amazing admins and support staff who will gladly help you at anytime!

    South African Fivem Server

    MLGC has come a long way from when I first started here, there has not been a single day in MLGC that I have had a bad day on. The staff is the best I have ever seen, and by far the kindest team I have ever interacted with.

    South African Fivem Server

    I have been welcomed with open arms. Not once being having a bad experience. Always good RP and amazing staff that helps! Truly the best place to be

    Lamar Kendricks

High quality paid and custom scripts

Thanks to the talented and amazing people we work with, we're able to provide our players with some of the best game modifications out there. We also write our own scripts to extend the functionality of the game and provide additional features.

An ever-evolving world

With a living economy, active police and medical services, gangs and player-owned businesses, our version of San Andreas is bustling with opportunity! Whether you choose to live a life of crime, a life of service or a private life there's something on offer for you.

So much to do

Dream up your characters and start building your own stories. At every moment, you can shape your story. Discover a huge variety of ad-hoc jobs that you can jump into to make a living. Need something else? Why not consider a career in the police force, law or medical services.

Player-based legal system

From law enforcement to judge and jury, our player-based judicial system is there to represent the players. All players are able to 'Lawyer Up' for a wide range of circumstances, and have their day in court - all within role-play. And our courthouse is pretty stunning as well!


For those interested in pursuing a life of crime, our island is packed full of opportunity. You can harvest and process a variety of drugs. Rob citizens, locals, shops, jewelry stores and then move up to the big leagues - the Yacht, Humane Labs, Life Invader heists all lead up to the big one: The Pacific Bank!

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